My Style

My Yoga is based on the belief that when our mind is disconnected from the body and spirit we create holding patterns that can lead to or exacerbate existing emotional unrest, physical injuries, disease and blockages in the energy systems. My work is heavily focused on embodied practices, calming the nervous system, and the deeper teaching of yoga - body-mind - spirit. I draw on the ancient wisdom of Yoga through the lense of the feminine. I believe that yoga is most effective when practices/teachings can be translated into everyday life - off the mat. What does this mean? If you’re practicing a sun or moon salutation you’re learning:

  • to connect movement to breath,

  • what it feels like to nourish yourself,

  • how to release the constriction of a “control” mindset,

  • to feel empowered and in control of your actions/reactions.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a complimentary therapy used to support healing for people with chronic or temporary conditions who are best served with an individualized yoga practice. I work one-on-one or in small groups and creates a practice specifically designed to address the needs of the student’s health concerns.

In our fast paced modern Western World people have less and less time, and they are feeling as if they have lost touch with their true nature and the World we live in. Millions of North American’s have discovered the calming and grounding effects of yoga in their emotional and physical bodies. One-on-one Yoga allows students to find deeper meaning and awareness within their body, mind and soul. The true benefits of yoga as a healing practice are just beginning to take root in North America – in India Yoga has been used to heal for millennia.

An increasing numbers of studies have shown the benefits of Yoga as a complimentary therapy for an extremely wide variety of health concerns – from infertility, to aging, to cancer, to heart disease, to sports injuries, to grief, anxiety or depression. Increasingly Doctors and Therapists are recommending their patients include Yoga as part of their healing RX.

If you are suffering from emotional stress or physical pain resulting from a chronic or temporary condition and would like to find out more about how Yoga could help, then please visit my contact page and and we can set up a complimentary phone consultation.

How can Yoga help?

Yoga can benefit you if you are looking for general wellbeing or have a diagnosed medical condition. 

There are three goals of one-on-one Yoga. The first goal is to lessen acute physical symptoms by opening and releasing holding in the body and increasing circulation – awakening the body’s natural ability to heal. The second goal is to lessen emotional stress, such as anxiety, depression, and self-criticism. The third is to reconnect with our true essence - that sense of feeling whole and connected with the Universe. This spiritual attitude is suitable for all religious and spiritual beliefs. I work within your own spiritual beliefs and have supported people of all faiths including Catholic, Muslim, Jewish and Atheist.

What happens in a one-on-one yoga session ?

I will help you develop a practice that is beneficial to your unique body and life circumstance. Together we will explore postures & modifications and discover those that are most beneficial, and those that may be contraindicated. We will create a practice that you can do at home or in a group setting.

Yoga is a complimentary practice intended to work in collaboration with other healthcare providers. If you have a medical condition or are working with other wellness practitioners we use the assessments provided and design a Yoga practice perfectly suited to YOUR needs. Read more about what to expect in a Yoga Therapy session HERE.